About this site.

by Larry Gorden


This web site is dedicated to providing information on 1955, 1956, and 1957 Pontiacs in general and Safari station wagons in particular.

I encourage others to send information, pictures, articles and suggestions which might be applicable to this site.  I request that you notify me if you find anything on this site which is incorrect or inappropriate.

How it Began

After purchasing my 56 Safari in September 2001, I began looking for information on these cars, without much success.  I took my Safari to the POCI Western Regional meet in the fall of 2002 and met Bob Johnson, a past owner of 56 Safaris, a past editor of Safari News, and a current owner of a 56 convertible.  Meeting Bob was hitting the jackpot for 56 Pontiac information; I was flooded with details and information on 56 Pontiacs in general and 56 Safari in particular.  It seemed a shame much of this information was not available somewhere on the web.  So, I put some information on my personal web site and suggested to Bob that we work together.  He would provide editing skills, information, and written articles; and I would host and maintain the web site.

It became apparent to me that a dedicated site was needed that could be easily remembered and found (rather than a link into my personal site).  So, in late 2003, I purchased the pontiacsafari.com URL and a web site to host it. 

This is a labor of love, I pay to keep the URL and to keep the site hosted.  I get no income from it.  My reward is that Pontiac owners find it useful.

About Bob

Bob's Pontiac history and story.  It is quite interesting and there are some pictures of his 56 rag-top (with air conditioning!) currently being restored.

My Safari

Information on and pictures of my 56 Safari, currently being restored.  The engine in it was a 57 and it had a cracked block.  A 1960 389 CI engine is going back in it, otherwise the car will be (mostly) original.