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Clubs, Information, etc. The official web site for Pontiac Oakland Club International.  The official web site of the Safari chapter of POCI  Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide, a Region of Antique Automobile Club of America dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Oakland/Pontiac through 1958.  Web site for Desert Renegades Chapter #65 of Pontiac-Oakland Club International.  Interesting web site with helpful Pontiac info.  New June 2014

StarChief Garage  Information, pictures, and articles on 50s Pontiacs, hosted by a '57 owner.

General Motors History.  General Motors Pontiac motor division replaced Oakland in 1932.  Review General Motors history at this link.  Pontiac history. Articles, Forums, Classifieds, Technical information, photos, etc. covers all years.


1950s Pontiacs Yahoo Group  Cool discussion group on 50s Pontiacs, mostly technical.  This is where I usually "hang out".   Here are tips for message viewing & posting.

Performance Years / 61 & Older Pontiac Tech  I participate in this forum and it is a good interesting forum for 1961 and older Pontiac technical information. There are several very knowledgeable 1955-57 Pontiac owners that participate.  You can see what is posted without joining but you must join (free) before you can post a message. Pontiac Registry, Articles, Forums, Classifieds, Technical information, photos, etc. covers all years. You must register before you can view the site.  It is a paid forum, that is, it costs you a small fee each year.  The originator of the Site used to run the POCI web site.

How to:  Maintain, Restore and Upgrade  Go here for torque specs, codes (engine, manifolds, carbs, heads, etc.), and much more information on Pontiacs.  A fun site if you are "performance" oriented.  Pictures of intake manifolds for Pontiac V8s  Radio parts, radio restoration and used radios.

Parts & Repair California Pontiac Restoration (CPR).  Supplier of classic Pontiac parts. Ames Performance Engineering.  Supplier of classic Pontiac parts.  Wheat Pontiac Parts.  Supplier of classic Pontiac parts. Bill Hirsch Auto - Classic automotive restoration products.  They have the correct color engine paint along with other restoration products.  Kanter Auto Products - Restoration parts and supplies for antique collector automobiles and trucks.  Many Pontiac mechanical parts.  Look for Nomad parts, many of which interchange with the Safari.  I have had problems with the quality of their front end parts -- but they got it right in the end (3 months later with added shipping cost).  They are a reputable company respected by many enthusiasts.  Excellent online catalog with many parts for 1946 and up Pontiacs.  Excellent prices!  Shipping seemed a little high but no CA taxes. Restoration Hydramatics transmission parts and service.  Recommended by Pontiac Pat.   AutoTran Vintage Automatic Transmission Parts, including the Pontiac dual-range and Strato-Flight.  The Carburetor Shop caters to the Pontiac enthusiast.  Good info on carburetors and carburetor selection.  Source of carburetors, carburetor parts, and carburetor restoration for antique car, muscle car, and race car enthusiasts.  Pontiac Heaven web site.  Interesting site by a true Pontiac Nut.  He has a salvage yard which has what is probably the largest collection of Pontiacs around.  He has some parts for 55-57 models but not much and no Safaris.  UPDATE Feb 2006 - I heard he picked up a bunch of Pontiacs from another yard so may have more early Pontiacs now.  Desert Valley Auto Parts salvage (Phoenix and Case Grande, AZ.) has several '50s Pontiacs they are parting out.  Chrome, stainless, aluminum, and plastic restoration.  Recommended by Joe Foerster.  Eaton Springs -- leaf and coil springs for classic cars, including your old Pontiac.

Upholstery, Glass, Trim   SMS Auto Fabrics - Auto interiors and materials for classic cars.  They have the correct fabrics for Safaris and can emboss the stars in the leather on seat backs.  Original Auto Interiors.  Auto interiors and materials for classic cars.

Bob's Classic Auto Glass has all Pontiac glass, including Safari glass.  Best prices, Bob is very helpful, highly recommended!  Ask about quantity discount if you're replacing all your glass.  eBay store at  Cargo Area Trim for 1955-57 Safaris

Literature Auto literature for classic and antique cars.