1958 Pontiac Custom Safari

by Lars I Elofsson (The StarMan)

edited and "webized" by Larry Gorden

October 2007


The 1958 Star Chief Custom Safari station wagon was a follow-on to the 1957 4-door Star Chief Custom Safari (the "Transcontinental").  All 1958 station wagons were called "Safari" but only the Star Chief station wagon was called "Custom Safari".

There were two 1958 Custom Safari models produced as shown in the Pontiac Master Parts Catalog.

Only 2,905 Star Chief Custom Safaris were built for the 1958 model year.  Approximately 50% were model D (Body Style 2793D) and the other 50% were model SD (Body Style 2793SD).

Model D

Model SD

For little over $100 you could upgrade from the model D (deluxe) to a Super Deluxe SD.  The SD shared more high-end components with the Star Chief line.

Roof rack was not standard equipment contrary to some reports. The Custom Safari was the second least produced 1958 Pontiac model, second only to the 1958 Golden Jubilee.

1958 Pontiac Custom Safari (Old Cars Weekly)