Safari Photos

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  Safaris at car shows.


1955 Safari

Larry & Tange Krause's restored '55, San Diego, CA

'55 Safari on eBay, March 2004

  Bird and Norm White's '55 "survivor" from Nevada

  55 restored by Reno Casasola in Mexico

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   Harold and Carol Cary in Mason City, Iowa -- 55 Safari


   Loren Hulber's 55 Safari

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 Miscellaneous photos of '55 Safaris


1956 Safari


  "Arch" Archambeault's '56 in Maryland

  Gary Grasso's '56 Safari in California, mostly stock and original.  Bob Johnson was previous owner.

  '56 pictures came from an on-line ad.  Car was in Florida

  Rick Stees '56 in Lakeport, CA

  '56 for sale at 2006 POCI National in Ontario, CA.

  Miscellaneous pictures of '56 Safaris.


1957 Custom Safari

Marvin Morton's '57 "survivor" in Southern CA 

  Robin Clark's '57 "survivor" in Southern CA

Chris Koch, Owner, Auto-Stalgia, Inc. Auto Museum, Palm Coast, FL.  Photos by Bud Elliott.  See also other cars at the Museum.


  Modified '57.  Very nice! 

Naber's modified '57.  I don't know anything about it, do you?

 Randy Kerdoon's '57 in Souther CA.  Work in progress.

  Rigo Ferrer's '57, modified

  Modified '57, pictures from Bill Eveland.

 Article on Ralph Denuzzio's '57.


1957 Transcontinental Safari

  Jack & Jill White Transcontinental in Connecticut

  ebay 2008  New March 2009

  ebay 2009  New March 2009

 Miscellaneous '57 Transcontinental


1958 Custom Safari

'58 modified Custom Safari "Bonnewood".