Fisher Body and Pontiac Plant codes

Last Update December 27, 2011


Fisher Body plant codes Pontiac Assembly Plant codes  
PO, P  Pontiac, Michigan P Pontiac, Michigan  
BA  Doraville, Georgia A Atlanta, Georgia
BL Linden, New Jersey L Linden, New Jersey  
BC  South Gate, California C South Gate, California  
BK  Kansas City, Kansas K Kansas City, Kansas  
LA, L Lansing, Michigan     Lansing is about 60 mi from Pontiac MI.  We suspect L was used for Lansing in earlier years -- investigations are ongoing.
BW Wilmington, Delaware W Wilmington, Delaware  
BF Framingham, Mass F Framingham, Mass  
BT Arlington, Texas T Arlington, Texas  
EP Euclid, Ohio      
CL Euclid, Ohio     All 1955-57 Pontiac station wagon bodies were built at the Euclid plant and shipped to Pontiac assembly plants around the country.
  1960 Plant code  
  D Doraville, Georgia According to MPC, Doraville Pontiac plant was first used in 60