Pontiac plant codes - 1960 and earlier

Last Update November 20, 2011

This is a list of observed pre-1961 Fisher Body plant & Pontiac assembly plant codes.

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List of known Fisher Body and Pontiac plant codes - updated as new codes are discovered

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Fisher Body plant code is the letter(s) under BODY No.  New entries highlighted.

YearModel  BODY NoPontiac
472087Torpedo sedan coupBL1231LMoe Marmalich from Bill Vance
482567DXTorpedo convertibleL13836CEbay Nov 2009
492507DStreamliner dlx coupeP5851PBill (wbrecht) - Yahoo 
492507DStreamliner dlx coupeBK3155KDennis Drews - Yahoo
492527Chieftain sedan coupeBW185Webay Jul 13, 07 - serial W6RS2044
502537DCat Cpe DeLuxP3095PPete Belger - Yahoo
502571Sedan DeliveryBL1607PMark Alan Jones, Springfield, MO -Yahoo
512537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLuxL6606CKevin R. Mueller, Brighton, Michigan -Yahoo
512537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLuxP2008PKen Guartha - Yahoo
512537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLuxP13828PKen Guthra - Yahoo
512569DChftn Dlx 4-drP28654PBill Vance, Mercer, PA. parts car - Yahoo
522562DChftn 4-dr S' WagonDI?1436WBill Vance, Mercer, PA, parts car unsure of DI - Yahoo
522562DChftn 4-dr S' WagonL3165Kebay Nov 2009
522567DTXConvertibleL1926KDan Aldrich from John Sawruk
532537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLux 8P1153PSherry O'Rourke from Bill Vance
532537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLux 6BK5984KSherry O'Rourke from Bill Vance
532537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLuxBK5063KBill Vance, Mercer, PA - Yahoo
532537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLux 8P19331PDan Bolton - Yahoo
532537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLux 8BK4180KDan Bolton - Yahoo
532537SDCat Cpe Supr DeLux 8BC3648CDan Bolton - Yahoo, car in Holland
532562DTDlx 4-dr station wagonCL4781PSherry O'Rourke from Bill Vance
532567DTChftn Dlx Convt.L391PBill Vance, Mercer, PA - Yahoo
542562FStation WagonCL350PPaul from John Sawruk
552562Chieftain 860 4 dr SWCL5948PPhil Bennett, England - Yahoo
552564DFSafariCL477PHarold Cary
552564DFSafariCLPTom Huber, Franklin TN - from Woody
552564DFSafariCLLNY - from Roger
552564DFSafariCLPNE - from Roger
552837SDStar Chief  2 dr htP35193PCrushed Muncie IN - from Woody
552837SDStar Chief  2 dr htBC6205Cebay 6/25/07 serail C855H10729
552867DTXConvertibleL11477Febay 5/30/07  serial F855H7331
552867DTXConvertibleL2661KPhil Bennett, England -Yahoo
552867DTXConvertibleL12529PHarold Cary
552867DTXConvertibleLWIA - from Roger
562711860 2 dr sedanBK2566KRick Gonser, CA - Yahoo
562737DChieftain 870 2 dr htBL4466Lebay 6/11/07 serial L755H17452
562739Chieftain 860 4 dr htBT494PDavid Short
562762DFChieftain 870 4 dr SWCL3201CLarry Gorden, CA - Yahoo
562764DFSafariCL543Cebay 6/28/07 serial C756H4480
562764DFSafariCL3016WLarry Gorden, CA - Yahoo
562764DFSafariCL3292KBob Johnson Safari #1, CA
562764DFSafariCLCBob Johnson Safari #2, CA
562764DFSafariCL3238ARick Sorgen - Yahoo
562764DFSafariCL1045CFrom Rick Sorgen
562764DFSafariCL3486TRick Thomes - Yahoo
562764DFSafariCL4026LLen Sokol - dual quad, seen at Fuddruckers May 09
562867DTXConvertibleP4375PBob Johnson, CA
572711Chieftain 2-dr sedanBT43Tebay 6/25/07 serial T757S1034 
572711Chieftain 2-dr sedanBC465CBill Vance, Mercer, PA - Yahoo
572719Chieftain 4-dr sedanBA1249Aebay - from Woody
572719Chieftain 4-dr sedanBC929CWoody - Yahoo
572737Chieftain 2 dr htBT595TBill Vance, Mercer, PA - Yahoo
572737Chieftain 2 dr htP2379PBill Vance, Mercer, PA - Yahoo
572739Chieftain 4 dr htBK2472KMarlene Worley
572762FCChieftain 4-dr SWCL1755PReed Severence, SC - from Woody
572762SDFTranscontinentalCLFJack White
572762SDFTranscontinentalCLLNJ - from Roger
572762SDFTranscontinentalCL1361Pebay Oct 2007, sold for $9000. Serial P757H66459
572764DFSafari, 2 dr CustomCL891PNoel Evans - from John Sawruk
572764DFSafari, 2 dr CustomCLTMI - from Roger
572837SDStar Chief  2 dr htBC2310CMike Andrews, Coldwater  Ohio -Yahoo 
572837SDStar Chief  2 dr htP12374?Bill Vance, Mercer, PA. parts car serial tag missing - Yahoo
572837SDStar Chief  2 dr htBK61Kebay - from Woody
572839SDStar Chief 4-dr htP7512PWoody's previous car
572839SDStar Chief 4-dr htP6509Pfrom Bill Vance, car in Berlin, Ohio barn
572867SDTXBonneville (FI conv')P345PBill Vance, Mercer, PA - Yahoo
572867SDTXBonneville (FI conv')P434PTom Gerrard - from R. Gonser
582547SDBonneville Sprt CoupeP5496PGuy Rondeau - Yahoo
582749Chieftain 4-dr sedanBT1508TFred Franze - Yahoo
582784Chftn 4-dr 3-seat SWCL5265CTony Leo - from Roger Lachele
582839SD Star Chief 4-dr htBK1208KGuy Rondeau previous car
582849SDStar Chief 4-dr sedanP1775PReed Severence, SC - from Woody
592167Catalina ConvertibleLA329K"CATBIRD" PY forum
592735Bonneville SWEP2039Cebay Dec 2011, VIN  759C1404
592837Bonneville 4-dr VistaBA1009?No VIN - from Woody
602119Catalina 4-dr sedanPO11232?"MOJO Catalina" PY forum
602137Catalina 2-dr htBC413?"twooldgoats" PY forum
602145Catalina 3-seat SWEP4926?"MOJO Catalina" PY forum
602145Catalina 3-seat SWEP5995?"60 SHARK" PY forum
602167Catalina ConvertibleLAWIL - from Roger
602167Catalina ConvertibleLA1389Pebay VIN# 160P62612 Dec 2011
602167Catalina ConvertibleLA14191S"60 Cat" PY forum
602339Ventura  4-dr VistaBA2776D"MOJO Catalina" PY forum
602339Ventura VistaPO4171P"Poncho60" PY forum
602867Bonneville ConvertibleLA8802K"expekt07" PY forum


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