Safari Info...  Facts and Information

This page contains information applicable only to the Pontiac Custom Safari.  For information on the 55, 56, and 57 Pontiacs in general, which is also applicable to the Safari, see Pontiac Info.

Safari Facts (1955 through 1957) - basic facts about each year, number produced, comparison with Chevy Nomad, etc.

"Safari Pontiac's high class hauler" - (1.1 MB) June 1981 article from Car Exchange magazine.  Original copy of this article was quite "yellowed" with age.  Initial pages are in color and end pages in black/white.  Note at end of article, reference to "Bob Johnson", co-author of this site, 56 Pontiac Guru, and past "Safari News" editor. 


Safari Design - an interview with chief designer Paul W. Gillan about how the Safari was conceived.


Trim Codes - Upholstery colors and materials

Exterior Colors - Color combinations offered on the 56 Safaris

How many are left? - Estimate from Automotive Information Specialists on how many 56 Safaris are left in this world.  Is it a good estimate?  Who knows but it is probably the best estimate you'll find.

1957- Currently no information available specific to the 57 Safari.

1958 - Custom Safari Facts 

Safari Tech Tips

Lift Gate - Nomad Post  (2 MB) An article from the Nomad Post about Nomad/Safari lift gate problems and a guy that fixes them, Jerry Cabunoc.  A must read for Safari owners. (Thanks Rick Sorgen for the article)

Lift Gate - Problems and Solutions.  Read this if your Safari is leaking around the lift gate.

MadMooks Safari Parts & Lift Gate Restoration another "must read" for Safari owners.

Roof Bow Identification.  Tells how to identify the bows on the interior roof of the car.

Cargo Area Stainless  Drawings of the metal strips in the cargo area.  Apparently the article was in the "Safari News", newsletter of the POCI Safari Chapter.  There appear to be missing pages.  Anyone out there have this article, if so, can you scan missing pages and send them?  (Thanks Rick Sorgen for the drawings)

Cargo Area Stainless Trim - reproductions now available at this site.

Removal of Rear Curved Glass - How to remove the Safari rear side glass.

Converting to Aluminum 8 Lugs - How to convert your Safari to 8 lug Pontiac aluminum wheels.