This Service News contains body information for the 1955 Chevrolet and Pontiac Station Wagons and Sedan Delivery. Although the pictures depict Chevrolet they do however apply in general to Pontiac with but few exceptions. Any Pontiac subjects which differ specifically from Chevrolet are shown in "Pontiac Supplement".

Fisher Body style numbers are used wherever body identification is necessary. These style numbers are illustrated and identified on page 2.

Pages Section Subject
1-2 Contents and Models  (0.3MB) 
3-11 1 Front End  (1.1MB)  Windshield, Wipers, Ventilation
12-31 2 Doors  (3.2MB)
32-37 3 Rear Quarter  (0.8MB)
38-45 4 Headlining and Seats  (1.1MB)
46-56 5 Rear End  (1.8MB)
57-62 6 Electrical  (0.8MB)
63-66 7 Lubrication  (0.7MB) 
67-70 8 Exterior Moldings  (0.6MB)
4-6 Pontiac Supplement  (0.5MB) Pontiac subjects which differ from Chevrolet (pages 1-3 not available and I don't know what's in them)