Catalog of pre 1960 Pontiac Plant codes

There are two codes on a Pontiac that identifies where the car was produced:

(1) Fisher Body plant code is a one or two letter code that identifies the Fisher Body plant where the car body was manufactured.  The code is the initial letter(s) of "BODY No" found on the cowl tag (also called "Fisher Body data plate".)  Beginning in 1960, the list of codes/locations is published in the Pontiac Master Parts Catalog.  For years prior to 1960, the possible codes and their meaning are not known. 

(2)  Pontiac assembly plant code is the initial letter of the car serial number (VIN used to register the car).  This code identifies the Pontiac plant where the body was mated to the chassis and assembly of the car completed.  These codes are known with the most reliable source being the Pontiac Master Parts Catalog (MPC).  Codes used for each year and each plant are listed there.

The goal of this web page is to catalog observed codes and identify pre1960 Fisher Body plant codes used -- and to identify examples of bodies getting shipped to remote Pontiac assembly plants.

List of pre 1960 codes observed on Pontiacs - updated as new codes are observed

List of known Fisher Body and Pontiac plant codes - updated as new codes are discovered

Register additional observed codes - You can help; email keeper-of-the-list for adding to the list of observed codes or for suggesting changes to these pages.

Identification Tags.  All about the identification tags on mid 50's Pontiacs.