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Component Identification and Description

Restoring and Fixing


Pontiac Documents

Body by Fisher Service News 


Component Identification and Description

Pontiac Engine Component  Identification & Interchange.  For 1955-60 Pontiac engines, identifies interchangeability of components, and instructs on how to identify the year of engine components, including block, heads, intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds.  Lists casting numbers for engine components.

Pontiac Engine Cooling.  Describes reverse flow (1955-59) and "conventional" cooling.  Describes the differences and provides some theories as to why Pontiac changed from reverse flow to conventional cooling in the 1960 model year.

1955-56 Fender Skirts.  Shows the fender skirts and attaching brackets inside the wheel well.

1955-57 Windshield Sun Visor.  Describes the Pontiac windshield sun visor and tells how it differs from the Chevy visor.  Includes instructions on how to install the visor and the traffic light viewer that was installed along with the visor.

Manual Transmissions  Article the manual transmissions in the early V-8 Pontiacs including information about interchangeability.

Exhaust Manifolds.  Information on exhaust manifolds.

Restoring and Fixing

The Hydramatic Transmission 1946-1955 On the Car Adjustment Service Manual(4.8 MB pdf file)  This is also applies to the dual-range transmission for years later than 1955.  Thanks to Bill Hanlon for scanned document.

Power Antenna 1955-56 Description and Service Procedures, by Bob Johnson.  This also applies to 1957 Casco power antenna and likely to other years.

Dash Restoration.  How to restore the 1956 Pontiac aluminum dash face, by Bob Johnson.  This may also work for restoring the 1955 dash face. 

Window Vent Restoration.  Article from Auto Restorer on how to restore window vents on 55-57 Pontiacs.

Kingpins.  Article from Auto Restorer that tells how to overhaul kingpins.

Remove and Install Front Springs.  This is how I did it.  Other methods are described in the Shop Manual -- which did not work for me.


Front Seal Upgrade.  Article by Bill Hanlon on how to upgrade the front seal on Pontiac engines.  Although Bill describes how the upgrade was done on his 57 GMC engine (same as Pontiac), it applies to all years which use that style seal (1933 through 1962).

HEI Ignition Upgrade.  Article by Bill Hanlon on how to upgrade the Ignition on early Pontiac/GMC to HEI ignition using a later model Pontiac HEI distributor.

GM 605 Steering Box Upgrade.  Article from Rodder's Digest on upgrading '55 steering box to GM 605 power steering box.  This article also applies to 56 Pontiacs.  Thanks to Joe Foerster for providing the article.

Ball Joint Conversion Article from Rodder's Digest on how to convert '55 Pontiac front ends to ball joints. This article applies to 56/57 Pontiacs also. Thanks to Dan Miller for scanning the article.

Fatstub Indian.  Article by Doc Frohmader at WebRodder.com describing how to install a Fatman front frame stub on a 1956 Pontiac.

Pontiac Documents

1956 Master Parts Catalog.

1960 Master Parts Catalog.

1957 Heavy Duty Parts Section  Master Parts Catalog Supplement that lists parts for 1956 dual 4-barrel and 1957 tri-power equipped Pontiacs. Thanks to Len Sokol for scanned document.

1955 Shop Manual  The complete 1955 Pontiac Shop Manual. Thanks Joe Foerster for scanned document.

1956 Shop Manual  The complete 1956 Pontiac Shop Manual.

1957 Shop Manual  The complete 1957 Pontiac Shop Manual.

1956 Hydra-Matic Manual - Part I Strato-Flight  - The Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic transmission was installed in 1956 Star Chiefs and some Chieftains and was installed in later year Pontiacs with minor upgrades each year. 

1956 Hydra-Matic Manual - Part II Dual Range  - The Dual-Range Hydra-Matic transmission was installed in 1956 Chieftains and was same as the 1955 Hydra-Matic with minor upgrades. 

1957 Hydra-Matic Manual - Includes a section on 1956 differences and changes made during the 1956 model year.

Pontiac Service Craftsman News, Monthly dealer service updates, 1955-57. 

Pontiac Service Craftsman News Flashes. (6.7MB)  Weekly dealer News Flashes with service updates, October 17,1955 through October 3, 1956.  Thanks to Len Sokol for scanned documents.

Pontiac Moldings and Clips 1955 thru 1958  Catalog of moldings and clips with part numbers.  Displays each Pontiac model and identifies all exterior trim for the model. Thanks to Todd Crews for an original document and Phil Bennett for a copy.

Body by Fisher Service News 

These pamphlets were produced for all General Motors makes.  They describe the body and provide servicing instructions.

1953 Body by Fisher Service News - This is a link to Dan Bolton's site where he has the 1953 pamphlets available.

1955 Pontiac #1 Body Information - First of the three 1955 Fisher Body pamphlets covering the Pontiac body.  See #2 document below for updates to this document.

1955 Pontiac #2 Body Information, Covers the Hydro-Lectric system for operating the convertible top.  Also covers changes and adds information to #1 document above.

1955 Pontiac #3 Body Information, Station Wagons - Required reading for 1955-57 station wagon owners! Most of the material applies to 1955-57.  Refer to this manual for anything not covered in 1956 Pontiac #2 or 1957 Pontiac manuals.

1955 Body Information Station Wagon Sedan Delivery, Chevrolet and Pontiac, Describes the Chevrolet with a supplement that describes differences for Pontiac.  Includes information on the Safari.  The Pontiac supplement was likely superseded with #3 above.

1956 Pontiac #1 Removal and installation of body parts for 4-door Catalina   (6MB pdf file, 64 pages) 1956 was the first year for the 4-door Catalina (hardtop).  Thanks Charles Coker for providing the document.

1956 Pontiac #2 Body Information (except 4-door Catalina)  (2 MB pdf file, 20 pages) This 1956 Service News supplements the 1955 Fisher Body Service News Numbers 1, 2, and 3 for Pontiac, which were issued at the start of 1955 production. The information in this supplement covers items entirely new for 1956 as well as Items which changed during the 1955 production year. For major disassembly and assembly operations not covered in this publication, please refer to the 1955 Service News document above. For service information on the 1956 Pontiac Four Door Catalina, see 1956 Pontiac # 1.

1957 Pontiac Body Information.  (1 MB, 12 pages)  This 1957 Service News supplements the 56 Fisher Body Service News. The information in this supplement covers items that are new or changed for 1957. For major disassembly and assembly operations not covered in this publication, please refer to the relevant 1956/1955 Service News above.  This document covers all 1957 body styles.  Thanks Todd Crews for providing the document.


These are projects showing details of restoring and modifying.

1957 2-door Chieftain Station Wagon.  Brian Deffenbaugh's 1957 Pontiac Chieftain station wagon hotrod -- project in progress.

1956 Safari Gasser.  David Turney's 1956 Safari Gasser -- project in progress.